About Us

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Our Story

Our protein jells were developed in our family kitchen and are now made in the beautiful Napa Valley wine country.  I created them to improve my own health.  I found it difficult to get control of my weight and stick to my new diet without suffering from those awful hunger pangs and the relentless cravings that come with restrictive diets. My wife who is a family doctor and believes strongly in natural remedies encouraged me to use only healthy strategies that would be simple for most people to use. So I applied the experience I gained from working in the medical research field to search for an effective and practical solution. The result was the development of Slim Jells and Fit Jells. They are scientifically designed to fill you up before mealtime and keep you full between meals. They use a special formulation that delivers nutritious stomach-filling protein, fiber, and fruit. I sincerely hope that these tasty treats that helped me control my hunger and get healthy will help you and others who face similar challenges.   

Live to the fullest TM


- Rey M.


Our Community

We live, work and have a deep commitment to our community in Napa Valley. My wife practices medicine in town and I do my medical research consulting here.  Our three boys have grown up to become great young men and our 9-year-old is enjoying her formative years in this family-friendly town. 

Our Commitment

From a very personal need we crafted our first two products. Products that we can proudly share with our own friends and family and that we now offer to you and yours. We hope that this and upcoming products will help you on your own journey to better health and better living.


We are committed to growing and sustaining a movement for better health and better living by offering trustworthy products that contribute to that end and also by giving back to our local communities.