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 Boost Your Protein, Naturally 


15g Protein 6g Fiber

1 Fruit Serving Low Sugar

If you are tired of chalky tasting protein bars and protein powders, Fit Jell is for you.
Fit Jells are delicious treats designed to supplement your diet with high quality protein.

They are moist and melt in your mouth. Think of them as a cross between a gummy and Jello. 
Not only are they a great source of protein, they also make you feel fuller by adding nutritious and functional volume to your stomach keeping you satisfied between meals.

Best of all Fit Jells are made with a healthy dose of protein, fruit and fiber.  

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Just add hot water and refrigerate 

- its that simple!


Like a protein rich desert

- without guilt.  


15g Protein

6g Fiber

1 Fruit Serving

Low Sugar

suggested serving


Between meals - Fit Jell

Serving Idea

Blueberry Coconut Cubes

4 Scoops of Slim Jell 

1/4 cup Blueberries

1 Cup Low Calorie Coconut milk.

Coconut Shavings

Makes 4 Servings

suggested serving



Jelled Protein Powder Mix

Strawberries and Cream Flavor

1 serving of fruit

15 grams of protein

Only 80 calories

28 servings per container

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As part of a sensible diet and active lifestyle. Results vary. Consult your doctor before undertaking a diet or exercise program.

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suggested serving


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